JAIIB Course
JAIIB Examination
  The course contents have been developed by Sh. N S Toor, who has authored about 20 books on banking.
  These are updated regularly to keep them relevant and reliable.
  The course has been designed on pattern of examination conducted by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF).
  It includes descriptive kits & practice paper/mock papers
JAIIB - Principles of Banking (A)
It covers all the topics such as Indian Financial System, Retail Banking, Whole-sale Banking, International Banking, Role & functions of Capital Market, SEBI, Insurance Companies, ADRs / GDRs, Mutual funds etc.
Principles of Banking (B)
Covers banker-customer relations, KYC, Lien, Set off, Garnishee order, Attachement order Principles of Ledning Also contains objective type questions.
Principles of Banking (C)
It covers bank-ing technol-ogy including electr- onic banking, distribution channels, online banking, EFTs, current trends, Information Sys- tem security, Disaster manag- ement etc.
Principle of Banking (D)
Ombudsman, KYC, Banking Co -des, TDS, Ser- vice Tax, Locke- rs, Fraud Rep- orting, Counterf- eit Notes, Depo- sit insurance, Official Langua- ge Pension, PPF, Senior Citizen Scheme, Object- ive type quest- ions
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking
RBI Policy, CRR, SLR, Base Rate, Exposure Norms, Consortium Loa- ns, Loan Delive- ry System, Bank Guarantees, Le- tter of Credit, Pledge, Hypoth- ecation, Mortga- ge, Assignment, Stamp duty, Limitation etc.
Accounting and Finance for Bankers
Priority sector classification, targets, weaker section, education loans, SHG, MSM Enterprises, CGTMSE Guarantee, Laghu Udhymi Card, KCC, GCC, Agri Clinic scheme, Farmer Club Scheme, Krishi Bima Yonja etc.,Objective type questions
Advance Bank Management (CAIIB)
NPA concepts, asset classification, provisioning, SARFAESI Act, Debt Recovery Tribunals, Lok Adalat, Corporate Debt Restructuring, Restructuring of SME loans, Asset Reconstruction Companies etc., Objective type questions
Bank Financial Management (CAIIB)
FEMA 1999, Current & Capital transactions, Residents, Non-residents, Forex facilities, Currency Rates, Currency Accounts, Export Credit, Imports, Gold Card, ECB, FC Deposit accounts, Objective type questions
Course Fee: For details please call 0172 2665623)
Enrolment: The course kits are sent on receipt of non-refundable fee, details of which can be obtained at 0172 2665623)
JAIIB Books (objective type questions)
Accounting & Finance for Bankers
The book contains objective type questions and mock test papers covering all the 4 modules namely:
Module-A : Basics of Business Mathematics
Module-B: Accounting in Banks/Branches
Module-C: Bank accounting and balance sheet
Module-D: Other accounts
Legal and regulatory aspects of Banking
The book contains objective type questions and mock test papers covering all the 4 modules namely:
Module-A: Regulation and Compliance
Module-B: Legal aspects of Banking Operations
Module-C: Banking Related Law
Module-D: Commercial Laws with reference to banking operations
Principles and Practices of Banking
The book contains objective type questions and mock test papers covering all the 4 modules namely:
Module-A: Indian Financial System
Module-B: Functions of Banks
Module-C:Banking Technology
Module-D:Support Services - Marketing of Banking Services
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