Monthly News Magazine - Banking Events Update
The monthly news-magazine is presently in 15th year of its publication.
It provides monthly updates of RBI/Govt. policy on Banking.
It provides banking features on latest banking aspects.
It contains financial events reported in economic news-papers.
Very useful for bank interview and examination preparation and for keeping one-self update.
A no. of pages have been dedicated to multi-option questions.
Recalled questions are also included.
It has been subscribed by a large of bankers in all banks.
A no. of training centres/colleges and Head Office liabraries of banks are subscribing.
Old copies are available.
It is available in Hard Copy print form or soft copy also.
Present subscription rates are Rs.300 for one year and Rs.580 for 2 years from the current month. Old issues are priced at Rs.35 per copy + courier charges.
Subscription can be sent by way of DD or by depositing the amount in our current account. Details can be obtained at 0172 2665623.


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June 2012

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