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The online Training is a training module which supports self-paced learning with many advantages to the learner.

Delivery Channels for E-Learning : In this module, we provide the candidates, access to our latest-updated recorded videos (1)through our website (2) through Video DVDs

Presently, the class is available for (1) Bank Promotion Test (2) CAIIB (3) JAIIB (4) Balance sheet analysis (5) Micro and Macro Economics.

Other features of E-Learning channel:

  • The duration of the entire class ranges from course to course. (it is 22-25 hours for promotion exam).
  • The class time can be chosen by the candidate himself, which can be any time (24 x 7) without any restriction, which makes the learning easier and convenient.
  • Lectures can be viewed for more than one time during their validity period, in case a candidates wants to do that.
  • No leave required. No spending on traveling, lodging, boarding.No inconvenience of moving away from home.
  • No compromise on quality. Even better than a personal class.

Requirement – A reliable Broad Band internet connection, an earphone and a computer / lap-top.

IIBFCAIIB Exam Rules of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai

phoneFor assistance and other details, call 01722665623 or 09988221167 – 10 am to 6 pm IST.

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