Under our Distance Learning (D-Learning) program (course), our Frenchisee provide self-study books which are authored by Sh. N S Toor, the renowned author in Indian banking, for different subjects / papers:





These books have been prepared in Module-wise sets and contain:

  1. Basic study material to understand the instructions and concepts
  2. Module-wise practice test sets with explanation of each question, based on Memory Recalled Questions

case studies book Case Study Books & CD for ABM and BFM : The case study book cover a large number of case study multi-option questions with explanation / solution, on the pattern of questions asked in the CAIIB exam for BFM and ABM. These help in bringing conceptual clarity. These are also available in PDF format in a CD

The books are highly result oriented and have already helped a very large no. of CAIIB aspirants in different banks in completing the CAIIB exam in one attempt, during the last 15 years

To get copies of these books, please call our franchisee at 01722665623 or 09988221167 – 10 am to 6 pm IST.