CURRENT RBI POLICY RATES : Repo Rate : 7.25%, Reverse Repo Rate : 6.25%, MSF Rate : 8.25%, Bank Rate : 8.25%, CRR : 4% of NDTL, SLR : 21.5% of NDTL

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e-learning E-Learning : We offer a number of online courses for upgradation of functional skills of in-service bankers. The courses include a course of Bank Promotion Exam and Bank Promotion Interview, CAIIB Exam, JAIIB Exam, Balance Sheet Analysis, Fundamentals of Micro and Macro Economics etc. Besides the courses are also offered for preparation to enter in the banking system as Probationary Officer, Specialist Officer or Clerical scale. The courses are offered online by giving access to latest recorded videos or by delivering video through DVDs

PUBLICATIONS : We have our publication on banking which include Handbook of Banking Information (English and Hindi), Bank Credit Management, Bank Interviews and Group Discussions, Balance Sheet Management, Banking Problems, Rationales and Situation Analysis. In addition there are multiple option guides for Bank Financial Management and Advanced Bank Management for CAIIB Exam and Accounting and Finance for Bankers, Principles and Practice of Banking and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking for JAIIB Exam.


E-Books: Our E-Books provide wholesome learning experience. These contain basic study material for concept building, practice test mock tests with solutions / explanations for each question/answer for better understanding and retention. The descriptive study material is presented in PDF format, by using the font size and colours which make the reading comfortable. The Mock tests provide self-evaluation facility. The font size in multi-option questions can be enlarged or reduced, according to requirement, for better visibility.

Mock Test CD

Mock Test CDs are available for different subjects / exam which include CAIIB exam, JAIIB exam, Promotion Exam and Promotion Interview, Bank probationary officer exam.
The multi-options questions and answers in these CDs are provided with explanation / solution.
This helps in understanding a concept better & retain  for  long period with clarity.
These are updated from time to time to provide current information.

Magazine The monthly news-magazine is a 20-page publication that contains, summary of RBI and Govt. policy notifications. In addition, the banking features, articles, banking problems, financial news and general awareness is also provided.

This journal is subscribed by RBI Library, NABARD Library, Libraries of different banks.

In addition it is subscribed by a large no. of individual subscribers at all levels.